BEB Industrial Asset Management

Operator Safety Training

About the Trainer

BEB’s Operator Safety Training program is led and developed by Instructor Guy Snowdy whose credentials include over 25 years of experience and extensive knowledge in the material handling and construction equipment industry, particularly powered industrial trucks, aerial lifts, cranes, and rigging. Some if his current certifications include:

  • Master Trainer
  • Mobile Crane Instructor & Practical Examiner
  • Heavy Equipment Instructor
  • Lift Truck Instructor
  • Rigging Instructor
  • Core Curricula Instructor
  • Advanced Rigger
  • Rigger/Signal Person Practical Examiner

* Craft Trainer Certifications on Construction Equipment, by the National Center for Construction Education and Research.

Other Certifications from Association of Crane & Rigging Professionals & Crane Institute includes:

  • Adult Learning Styles and Training Strategies
  • Big Rigging Hardware
  • Lift Director / Site Supervisor
  • Lift Planning: Normal/Critical
  • Big Rigging Slings

Guy’s experience includes authoring hundreds of customized site and job related training programs including hands on involvement in construction and general industry material handling systems layout, problem solving, accidents investigation, and system implementation of a wide range of construction and material handling and equipment solutions.

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