iStock_000012806371LargeIn an article published by Modern Materials Handling, “Industrial Truck Association announces record-breaking 2015 North American lift truck sales,” the ITA made its official 2015 sales announcement.  According to sales data, total retail orders across all lift truck asset classes totaled 225,534 units in 2015, and came in as the first year the sales were over the pre-recession level in 2006 with 215,000 units.

So now that we’ve got all these extra lift trucks zipping around warehouses throughout the United States, what now?  How do facilities manage these extra assets while keeping an eye on the rest of their fleets?  During the rest of this post we are going to talk about how you can manage these new assets and take care of your older (and aging) assets all at the same time with BEB.

BEB’s new lift truck and industrial asset fleet management system, making its debut in mid-2016 is aimed at providing customers the transparency, simplicity and accountability they are seeking when it comes to wisely managing their industrial fleets.

  • Through our propriety process and dashboard reporting, not only are clients able to access all the information on every one of their assets, but so can their approved service providers.  From repair status to service technician clock in/out to invoicing and service provider benchmarks the ability to see every action on every assets gives clients unprecedented looks at their fleets.
  • The BEB dashboard portal allows clients and service providers to manage their fleets all in one place with one log in.  There’s no more calling, or emailing and following up…it’s one stop with real time access to data that matters to YOU most.
  • Because all parties have access to all data, there are never any question of if something has or has not been completed.

Our unique fleet optimization process incorporates everything in the asset life-cycle from acquisition to disposal and everything in-between. With elements from lease versus buy, to customized operator safety training and maintenance evaluation (and much, much more), the goal of every BEB lift truck fleet management program is to improve efficiency and productivity while reducing the overall time and investment associated with the movement of materials and equipment.

To learn more about our up-coming NEW BEB Fleet Management systems, contact us at (866) 906-4222.