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Fighting Complacency for Fork Lift Safety

It’s certainly not a new phenomenon in the warehouse, distribution Forklift accidentcenters or manufacturing facilities, but when injury rates are low or decreasing, a level of complacency begins to creep into the workplace that can have devastating consequences.  Complacency on the part of forklift operators on the job is a significant factor that influences at risk behavior on the job.  In the rest of this post we are going to discuss types of complacent human behavior that can cause injuries/accidents and then what can be done to fight complacency.

What causes forklift accidents?

There are a million different variables that can cause or contribute to a
forklift accident in a warehouse or manufacturing facility.  While most workers know the hazards, the errors that can lead to these accidents

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Hazards of Workplace Fork Lift Use

Forklift accidentI recently read in the article, “Company aims to curb forklift-related pedestrian injuries and fatalities,” that every three days someone in the United States is killed in a fork lift-related accident.  THREE DAYS, people.  That’s one every long weekend.  And even more shocking (believe it or not), is that OSHA estimates that 70% of all reported accidents could have been avoided with proper safety precautions.

While these numbers and percentages are pretty alarming, what’s more concerning is that despite how well aware we are of the dangers associated with fork lift operations, many business fail to take the appropriate measures to prevent such costly misfortunes.  One of the easiest things you can start to get you on the path of safety and accident prevention is to understand

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The Dreaded Fork Lift Safety Training

While employers in the United States are required, to provide a safe workplace and training on those safety procedures, we are seeing fork lift safety training being perceived more and more as a burden to employers vs. a way to protect the safety of employees, increase moral of employees and safeguard their bottom-line.

Effective training on safety procedureHelp prevent accidents with fork lift safety training s, regardless of their origins, (be it chemicals, material handling equipment or lock-out-tag-out) allow workers to not just understand the hazards, but also empowers them with the information of how to avoid and protect against those hazards.  Unfortunately, today, these procedures and training are often overlooked.

$39,000…that, my friends is the average cost in medical expenses and lost productivity per non-fatal workplace injury, according to the National

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