BEB Industrial Asset Management

BEB Dashboard Tool Overview

Every business needs fast and easy access to critical fleet details. That's why BEB created our dashboard tool. It is the industry's most comprehensive, flexible, and intuitive fleet management tool for lift trucks and industrial assets. When you partner with BEB Industrial Asset Management, our dashboard is available to you as a part of our standard fleet management service package.

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The BEB Dashboard is a user-friendly platform that provides you with the following benefits:

Real-Time Access to Important Fleet Data

Easy to Read Key Performance Indicators

Customized Gauges, Graphs, and Pie Charts

Time-Saving Methods for Analysis and Reporting

Automated Reporting

Custom Visuals for Budgetary Reviews

All information is organized into tabs for increased functionality and user friendliness. With our flexible design, you can create the tabs that make sense for your unique organization.

  • Create tabs for each facility or division in your company
  • Create report tabs for Utilization or Cost Per Hour comparisons
  • Compare different makes, models, or capacities for mean time between failure metrics

We give you the flexibility to view and access your fleet reports according to your preferences. For detail oriented users, you'll have complete access to pull raw information from our system. You can examine your data with easy pivot-table-like functionality, and exporting reports is as easy as one click. For our macro-minded clients, our account managers are always happy to analyze the data on your behalf. We work with you to understand what information you need to see and how you like to see it.

All your fleet data on the BEB portal safeguarded with secure login and passwords. You can also set up permissions for certain individuals to view only the information that pertains to their department or facility. We provide you with dedicated support personnel and materials to customize and enhance your Dashboard experience.

BEB's fleet management dashboard gives you the information that you need to make critical decisions about your fleet and to actively manage out unnecessary costs.

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