BEB Industrial Asset Management

Consulting Services – Equipment Selection

BEB's consulting team utilizes our onsite analysis of your operations, your historical fleet data and decades of experience in material handling and industrial assets management to help identify the correct types, brands, capacities, and quantities of equipment that will truly right size your fleet and enhance productivity. Because BEB is independent of associations with manufacturers, we recommend only the equipment that will operate best in your facilities.

Benefits of Outsourcing Equipment Selection:

  • BEB stays ahead of the latest equipment trends, features and benefits to ensure the right equipment for your unique application
  • We are brand independent and seek to serve only the best interest of our clients
  • Data driven decisions take the emotion out of equipment purchases and process improvements
  • We help you to compare and contrast the ROIs associated with various equipment purchases
  • Recommendations are based on on-site analysis of your current fleet in action

Our consultants can help you with the implementation and change management that often comes when you make adjustments to your fleet composition. We assist with everything from asset acquisition to disposal and everything in-between.