BEB Industrial Asset Management

Fleet Management

Our unique fleet optimization process incorporates everything in the asset life-cycle from acquisition to disposal and everything in-between. With elements from lease versus buy, to customized operator safety training and maintenance evaluation (and much, much more), the goal of every BEB fleet management program is to improve efficiency and productivity while reducing the overall time and investment associated with the movement of materials and equipment.

Our fleet optimization process’ benefits extend to areas of your business not typically seen with other fleet management programs.  While those tend to stop with warehouse operations and logistics, our partners are experiencing savings and optimization in almost every business area.

Executive Strategy

  • Allows employees to focus on the core competencies of their department
  • Stabilizes costs and improves usage of capital assets
  • Provides immediate, and long-term ROI
  • Requires no increases in staffing


  • Enhances performance of assets
  • Decreases downtime
  • Optimizes and right sizes fleet
  • Brand-independent to offer unbiased fleet recommendations


  • Provides transparent and accurate fleet data
  • Stabilizes variable maintenance costs
  • Continually manages out unnecessary costs and equipment
  • Typically decreases number of assets by 10-20% in the first year
  • Reduces the number of vendors and associated administrative costs
  • Provides stability as BEB holds service providers accountable to negotiated service contracts
  • Decreases administrative costs for invoice review, processing and issue resolution

Technology and IT

  • Frees up IT resources, as all support services are managed by BEB trained technical staff
  • Reduces server capacity and maintenance needs as data is stored and managed off your business system
  • Offers easy-to-use, cloud based intuitive platform that is ideal for users of all abilities