BEB Industrial Asset Management


At BEB, we do things a little differently than other fleet management programs offered by your OEM, local dealer or telematics companies.  We save clients time, money and resources by offering a complete material fleet management process that goes beyond just data collection (without recommendations) and invoice auditing to provide substantial and sustainable savings, year-after-year.

This process starts with a critical look at the potential ROI for your operations and fleet. 

We conduct on-site fleet assessment, where one of our fleet management experts will travel to each of your facility locations and evaluate the size, age, condition and utilization of your fleet.  This will include evaluating elements such as how and what you are using your equipment for, lease vs. purchase, maintenance costs and schedules and more to determine baseline utilization and expenses for your operations.  After compiling and analyzing the data retrieved from each site, BEB will create a detailed site assessment report for your entire fleet, complete with optimization recommendations that you can later view and manage in your online dashboard.

Our optimization recommendation report includes the implementation of the saving opportunities identified during your in-depth fleet evaluation.  These provide insight into the best ways to increase utilization and right-size your fleet for immediate and long-term ROI. 

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