BEB Industrial Asset Management

Sample Reports

The BEB Dashboard is designed to provide easily accessed graphical reporting of important asset metrics. All of the metrics you need to determine how well your assets are being managed is available to you at a glance through these graphical reports. Below is a small sample of some of the reports that are available through the BEB Dashboard.

A Cost Per Hour Utilization Matrix puts your assets into the traditional four quadrants: Relocate (Yellow), Remove (Red), Replace (Orange), and Retain (Green); based on your qualifications.


asset listing report

An Asset Listing Report shows all of your equipment data.


contract review report

A Contract Review Report ensures that you are always aware of what contracts you have, what those contracts cost or cover, and when they expire. Copies of contracts can be attached as a .pdf file to each asset.


preventative maintenance report

A Preventative Maintenance (PM) Report keeps you and your vendors up to date on which pieces of equipment needs to be serviced and why.


expense review report

An Expense Review Report captures and categorizes all expenses - Maintenance, ownership, repair, consumables and more.